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Spark creates customized communication skills training sessions, built just for the needs of our consulting clients. New associates not feeling part of the team? Partners need higher level skills training that is both engaging and intelligent? Looking for an education session that develops key retreat themes? Want to boost overall morale in the entire office? Spark's extensive experience with consulting firms, along with our staff (which includes PhDs in Learning Sciences), allow us to create ground-breaking training, development and team-building programs for our clients' events.

Spark has produced highly entertaining but informative recruiting videos to encourage top BA and MBA talent toward our clients. Spark has assisted in delivering events for consulting clients who want recent offerees to convert their offers to jobs at our client's Firm. We have also assisted in boosting our clients' MBA and BA presentations, both in content and delivery.

Much more than typical role plays, Spark works with our Consulting Clients to create a multi-day program that features a mock client and issues that pertain closely to the themes of the off-site. Participants get a much more realistic representation of their actual interactions with a client, allowing for a much greater involvement and retention.

Consulting audiences are intelligent and energized, and eager to see something new and exciting at their retreats and offsites. But they have seen so many events and cookie cutter team-building programs come and go. It is much more difficult to truly impress and motivate them. Spark has created customized events – ranging from a whole-office event, to smaller groups of 6-10 – each unique and on message.

A perfect way to unwind after a long day of PowerPoint presentations. Spark creates a customized Saturday Night Live-style show, written and created solely for our client's audience.

An excellent way to keep the audience awake and alert, and drive specific points home. In between presentations, Spark performs (live or on video) quick vignettes that enliven and enlighten the audience on pertinent consulting messages.

Video iPod training, team communication, retreat kick-offs, client communication, recruiting videos – Spark has worked with consulting clients to use technology to compliment, not replace, our clients' messages.

Spark has delivered entertainment, training and videos for our consulting clients' clients. Our programs are unique and respectful of the end client, and boost the message of our consulting client.

At larger and longer offsites, Spark has also created excellent and exciting events and programming for spouses and family members of all ages, drawing, if desired, from local culture and attractions.

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