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This is a sample of a workshop that Spark leads at the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business four times a year. There are no more efficient, effective skills-building sessions available than a Spark Creative Improvisational Experience Workshop. Spark consults heavily with our clients to create a customized curriculum to address specific participant needs.

Spark leads the group in these exercises and demonstrates how they directly relate to participant's day-to-day business lives. At the end of the workshop, participants get on stage to perform their own "professional" show, an additional step that helps participants internalize the skills they've learned.

Interviewed are Leo Burke (Associate Dean, Executive Education Program) and Larry Myers (Boeing Co. and workshop participant). The Notre Dame workshops focus more on overall experiential bonding and team-building skills. Spark also leads workshops that are both experiential and have a heavy academic focus, with classroom studies, one-on-one skills mapping and individual needs assessments.



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