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Spark combines a powerful background in business (with MBAs from Stanford and Kellogg, as well as alumni from Boston Consulting Group and DDB Needham) with wildly creative thinkers from the arts.

The result? Some of the most effective, unique training programs available.

Whether you're looking for a training program to deliver better presentation skills, deeper understanding of senstivity issues, team-building or creativity, Spark Creative delivers one- of-a-kind sessions that will make your staff more productive, more responsive, more agile and more happy.

We have created and delivered high-impact training programs for companies like McDonald's, Merck, Charles Schwab, Dominos, Clorox, the New Yorker Magazine and many, many more.


1. We consult with you at length prior to our workshops to gather information about your firm and your workforce: your goals, your services, your customers, the challenges you and your staff face. Are you attempting to inculturate new employees into the firm? Do you want to raise sensitivity and diversity issues and boost skills in these areas in your workforce in new, effective means? Are your teams caught in a rut? Do your salespeople have difficulty standing out to your customers?

2. Our team develops recommendations for areas of creative and communcation improvement for your company. We create a program based on your needs and on our decade of experience helping clients work through training issues. The program includes specific exercises developed just for your firm.

3. The workshops consist of focused, hands-on training exercises that teach skills like:

* Creating safe environments to foster new ideas

* Exploring new markets for your services

* Connecting with your team and your customers

* Building creativity, confidence and spontaneity

* Using Humor effectively during idea sessions

At Spark, we make SURE that the program is pertinent to your staff, and that we are delivering the right message to them.

4. After the workshop, we show you how to best implement our teaching throughout your firm. And we're always available to consult with you on an ongoing basis, and to create further programs as needed.




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